Our Products

Always different requirements.
Always different materials.
Always Excellent quality!

We manufacture products for renowned
companies from various industries.

From new part development
to series production

New & Spare Parts

Components for different applications require different materials, alloys and specific technical know-how. We process among other things, materials such as:

Stainless Steel, Aluminium as well as refractory metals

Polymides for example, Peek UHP, PTFE, POM, Teflon, Delrin

Oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics, silicon, silicon carbide

Thanks to our partners, we can also process other materials. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your specific requirements.

With the Properties of a New Part

Rework Processes

As an alternative to buying new, our comprehensive and integrated rework processes enable the reprocessing of used components – from old to new! During the rework, modification requests can be implemented directly.

In addition to process chambers and consumable parts,
our portfolio also includes numerous types of e-chucks and
a multitude of other components related to wafers in the semiconductor industry.

Thanks to extensive tests carried out at our on-site teststands,
we can ensure the highest quality of components.

High Specification

Cleaning & Copper Area

We clean components made of aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, sintered metals, quartz and all types of ceramics and plastics whilst also eliminating any form of contamination.

In our certified Copper Area, contaminated parts are treated separately.

Thanks to our soft cleaning approach and the flexible application of appropriate cleaning methods, we can solve complex problems and develop cleaning techniques that meet the highest of requirements.

For complete Assemblies

Refurbished Assemblies

Due to our in-house expertise and many years of experience, we can repair the most varied assemblies with three steps:
1. Disassembly 2. Overhaul 3. Assembly.
Electronic and mechanical functions are inspected on our test stands.

Together with our refurbishment, assembly processes and the use of high-quality spare parts, we can ensure a long service life of assemblies.

Turning, Milling and Grinding

CNC Machining

We can guarantee the highest quality production of samples/prototypes, individual parts and parts for series
with our variety of state-of-the-art CNC machining centres.

Main Areas:

• Precision manufacturing
• Prototype construction, fixture construction
• Production of mechanical assemblies
• Assembly of mechanical components
• In-house development

For New Parts and Rework

Surface Technology

As a result of the growing demands on component properties, surface technology is becoming increasingly more important. With our wide range of services, we can offer you high quality solutions for a broad range of applications.

• Thermal spraying in the plasma spraying process
(Al2O3, Y2O3, WSi2, ZRO2, Al2TiO5)
• Plastic coating (Teflon, PTFE, Safecoat®)
• Anodizing, electroplating/galvanising, chromating, nickel coating/ plating
• PVD or CVD coating

We are also experienced in developing new procedures and methods that are tailored to your specific needs.

Official Distributor

DuPont Kalrez ®

As the official distributor of Dupont Kalrez ® products, we are the leading supplier of Elastomers in Germany.

Due to the large quantity of products we have in stock, we are able to offer you short delivery times. Alternatively, we can offer you
a consignment warehouse service.

We can also offer other materials including, Viton,
NBR and Silicone.

Leading Edge Implant Technology

Plansee BU Semicon

As an official distributor of the company Plansee BU Semicon,
we can offer you an extensive selection/range of spare parts
for IIP processes.