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Our Customers

Industries with the highest standards

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the semiconductor
industry, we are the ideal partner for all industries with
demanding surface requirements.

Semiconductor Industry

Production in its
purest form

We have been supplying plant manufacturers, national and international fabs as well as academic institutes from the semiconductor industry for almost 30 years.

We supply process relevant components to the semiconductor industry. These include: process chambers, shields, handlers, screws, covers and electrostatic chucks (ESC).

We offer spare parts and modifications for OEM equipment like LAM, AMAT, TEL or Axcelis.

Life-Sciences Industry

We enjoy overcoming
versatile challenges.

From pharma to food technology - Due to our manufacturing precision and the
ability to produce small series, we can supply spare parts and modifications
for demanding processes to a variety of industries.


Sometimes you have to reach for the sky.

We are pleased to offer support to the aerospace industry.
Their highly technological innovations demand the highest precision and often require very high temperature resistance.

Renewable Energy

Working with the most
important energy sources.

Our long-standing experience in the semiconductor industry has enabled us
to produce, process and coat parts used in the manufacture of solar panels
as well as photovoltaic power plants.